Rain Bird ESP-Me Wi-Fi Compatible 4 Zone Modular Controller Upto 22 Zones

Rain Bird ESP-Me Wi-Fi Compatible 4 Zone Modular Controller Upto 22 Zones

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  • Supports 4 stations up to 22 stations.
  • LNK WiFi (Sold separately) Compatible with IOS and Android systems.
  • Large LCD Screen for easy navigation.
  • Independent zone watering up to 6 times per day.
  • Compatible with Rain Bird rain sensor (sold separately).
  • Seasonal adjustment setting for easy watering.

The Rain Bird ESP-Me boasts impressive support of up to 22 zones with its expandable station modules (Sold Separately). Designed to make watering easy, the controller supports LNK WiFi allowing you direct control of your system from your IOS or Android device.

With individual zone control and the seasonal adjustment option, you can ensure that your garden is getting the water it needs. Allowing for adjustment from 5% to 220%, the seasonal adjustment makes it easy to boost your watering needs over the hot summer weeks with just a few touches of a button.

Couple the controller with the Rain Bird rain sensor (Sold Separately) to ensure you only water when your garden needs it most, making your system water-efficient and saving you money.

Product Features

  • Large LCD display with easy to navigate user interface.
  • Rain Sensor input with override capability.
  • Master valve/pump start circuit.
  • Non-Volatile (100 years) storage memory.
  • Remotely Programmable under 9V battery power (not included)
  • Watering schedule options: By days of the week, Odd calendar days, EVEN calendar days, or Cyclic (every 1-30 days)
  • Contractor DefaultTM Program Save/Restore saved program(s)
  • Rain Sensor bypass by Station.
  • Total run time calculator by the program.
  • One-Touch manual watering.
  • Delay Watering up to 14 days (applies only to stations not set to ignore Rain Sensor)
  • Manual Watering option by program or station.
  • Seasonal Adjust applied to all programs or an individual program.
  • Adjustable delay between valves (default set to 0)
  • A master valve on/off by station.
  • LNK WiFi compatible