Micro Pipe & Fittings

Micro Pipe and Fittings 4mm

Micro supply pipe (aka feeder pipe or microtube) is used for short runs of irrigation lines and connects directly to fittings and emitters that have a 4mm barb or thread. Such emitters include micro drippers, micro-sprays and micro-sprinklers. The internal diameter of the pipe is 4mm (6mm outer diameter) and is very flexible to allow easy fitting as required.

We have a good range of Antelco micro fittings that fit 4mm supply pipe to suit various configurations. They are made from extremely strong UV stabilised material to ensure long life with no deformation. Options include tees, couplers, elbows and more. 4mm micro fittings are compatible with microtube supplied by Hozelock, Claber, Rain Bird and other common irrigation manufacturers.

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