LDPE Pipe & Fittings

LDPE Supply Pipe

Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) supply pipe is used to distribute water around a micro-irrigation system. LDPE pipe is very commonly used in micro-irrigation systems because it is easy to work with and is generally robust enough to withstand the rigours of gardening. It offers some flexibility due to its low-density, but corner connectors (elbows) are a good idea to prevent kinks in the pipe when navigating around the garden. It is possible to use barbed fittings to achieve a secure and leak-free seal, and there are options for compression fittings to use with LDPE pipe as well for an extra secure fit.

We stock 13mm, 14mm and 19mm LDPE supply pipe and fittings that are compatible with Antelco, Hozelock, Claber and Rain Bird fittings. The size of the diameter quoted for LDPE pipe and fittings is for the internal diameter (ID) of the pipe. All the LDPE pipe and fittings we stock are UV stable to ensure long life in sunny gardens.

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