Drip Line & Fittings

Drip Line and Fittings

Drip line is a great choice for tradesman and homeowners alike when installing a drip irrigation system for landscapes. This is because drip line is quicker and easier to install in large planted areas compared to a traditional drip irrigation system using individual drip emitters. Drip line has pre-installed drip emitters built inside the tube at predetermined intervals, usually 33cm, 40cm or 50cm apart. For best results, choose drip line that uses pressure compensating inline drip emitters, perfect for ensuring accurate delivery of water throughout an entire drip irrigation system.

Surface drip line is ideal for ground cover, dense plantings, hedgerows and vegetable gardens. Sub-surface drip line can be used under turf grass or shrubs as it has protection from root-intrusion built into each drip emitter.

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