Rain Bird 4mm (6mm O.D) Micro Dripline - 30 Metre

Rain Bird 4mm (6mm O.D) Micro Dripline - 30 Metre

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  • Works to deliver water along its length without the limitations of soaker hose
  • Water output is even throughout the length of the hose due to internally mounted pressure compensation drip emitters
  • Clog resistant design requires minimal maintenance
  • Made out of strong and flexible material to ensure installation is straightforward
  • The hose is UV resistant making it ideal for above-ground installation
  • UV-resistant to ensure long life when installed above ground

Rain Birds 4mm Dripline comes with 3.2 litres per hour pressure compensating drip emitters installed every 33cm along its length. The clog-resistant emitters ensure even and reliable watering.

The Dripline is easy to cut with a strong pair of scissors and can be quickly joined using micro-barbed fittings. The micro-porous design of the hosing material ensures an ultra-tight connection by easily expanding over fittings and then shrinking in place.

To attain even irrigation 3 meters of Dripline should be used per square meter of garden.

Product Features

  • 3.2 lph output per emitter
  • 30m length
  • 33cm emitter spacing
  • 6mm diameter
  • Rated to work up to 4 bar pressure