Rain Bird 075-DV 24V Solenoid Valve 3/4" BSP

Rain Bird 075-DV 24V Solenoid Valve 3/4" BSP

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  • 3.4" BSP Inlet and Outlet.
  • Tough PVC Construction for long life.
  • Manuel On-off operation for testing and flushing purposes.
  • Balanced pressure diaphragm design.

The Rain Bird 075-DV Solenoid Valve is designed with reliability and high quality in mind. Boasting a superior life span over its competitors the DV series has a sturdy PVC body able to handle high pressure and extreme temperatures. Its balanced pressure diaphragm and manual flushing features ensure long life and easy maintenance and its reverse flow design protects against flooding in the event of a failure.

Product Features

  • Manual On/Off control with 1/4-turn of the solenoid.
  • Internal bleed for spray-free manual operation.
  • External bleed screw to manually flush the system of dirt and debris during installation and system start-up.
  • Globe (DV, DVF, and DV-MM models) configurations.
  • Operates in low-flow and Xerigation® applications when the rBy filter is installed upstream.
  • Rugged PVC body.
  • Stainless steel Phillips head screws.
  • Pressure: 1 to 10.4 bar (23° C) temperature: up to 43°C