Antelco Landscape Drippers Antelco Shrubbler® 360° 10-32 Thread - 31415

Antelco Shrubbler® 360° 10-32 Thread - 31415

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  • Adjustable frow rate 0 - 40LPH.
  • Half circle water distribution.
  • 5 Micro-stream water outlets.
  • Maximum radius: 50cm
  • Easy twist cap flow adjustment.
  • 10-32 thread
  • Easy maintenance.

The Antelco Shrubbler 360 is an adjustable flow dripper with a full-circle water distribution via its 8 micro-stream outlets. This dripper has an Easily adjusted flow rate using the twist cap and a full shut off feature for when watering is not needed. This Shrubbler is perfect for applying water to small to medium areas such as beds and planters.

Designed to be used with stakes and rigid risers, installation is quick and easy. Crafted using tough UV stable material to ensure long life and the ability to be disassembled for cleaning make this dripper a solid choice in any drip system.

Great for use in baskets, tubs troughs, and border areas.