Antelco Irrigation Fittings Antelco Joiner (Hypodermic) 4mm Barb X Barb - 40935

Antelco Joiner (Hypodermic) 4mm Barb X Barb - 40935

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  • Made from extremely strong UV stabilised material to ensure long life with no deformation
  • Fits common International and European hose sizes
  • Up to 3 bar operating pressure

This Joiner is one of the most common ways of attaching 4mm micro-irrigation hosing to 13mm supply hosing. One of the barbed fittings is pushed into the end of the 4mm hosing while the other barbed fitting is inserted through a pre-punched hole in the 13mm supply hose.

Product Features

  • Angled barbs to make installation easier
  • Wide midsection to make the Joiner easier to grip and install
  • Designed for low pressure (up to 3 bar) micro-irrigation systems