Antelco Agriculture Sprinklers Antelco Inverted Rotor Max‚¬ž¢ 1/2" BSPM 2.8mm Red Nozzle - 21555

Antelco Inverted Rotor Max 1/2" BSPM 2.8mm Red Nozzle - 21555

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  • 0 degrees flat trajectory.
  • improved performance via a dual-outlet spinner.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Max radius: 6.5m.
  • Max flow 500 LPH

The Inverted Rotor Max Midi Sprinkler is designed for high water flow with a large full circle distribution. This sprinkler is capable of applying water up to 6.5m.

This sprinkler can be used with fittings with a 1.2" BSPF thread. Constructed with tough UV stable material for long life. This sprinkler is perfectly suited for greenhouses, vegetable row crops, and under tree watering.

Product Features

  • A dual outlet spinner enhances performance.
  • The standard model has a 25° trajectory with black coloured spinner.
  • The inverted model has a 0° flat trajectory with a khaki-colored spinner.
  • Range extended to include two new low flow nozzle sizes (2.0 mm & 2.4 mm).
  • Easily taken apart for servicing.
  • UV stabilized materials for long life.