Antelco Solenoid Valves Antelco Ezyvalve®4 Valve Box 4 Solenoid Valves 3/4" BSP X 24Vac - 16605

Antelco eZyvalve®4 9V Latching Solenoid Valve Box - 16625

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  • Pre-assembled with no internal pipe connections.
  • Cable seal and wire connections included in the kit.
  • Tough UV stabilized material construction.
  • Resistant to dust, water, and pests.
  • Non-slip lid with O-ring seal.
  • 3/4" BSP male threaded inlet and outlet.

The eZyvalve 4 is a preassembled, 4 9-volt dc latching solenoid system to be used in conjunction with a 9v irrigation controller. Simple installation via its 3/4" inlets and outlets and included wire connections make this valve system a solid choice in systems requiring up to 4 separate watering zones.

Constructed out of UV stable plastic, with a strong anti-slip lid this system is built to last. The O-ring sealed lid keeps out dust and water and can be screwed into position to ensure your internal parts remain tamper-free.

Perfect for smaller irrigation projects (up to 4 zones), greenhouses, and nurseries this valve system can be installed above or below ground.