Antelco Agriculture Drippers Antelco Ceta® PC 8L/H Green  - 30485

Antelco Ceta® PC 8L/H Green - 30485

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  • 8LPH set flow rate.
  • Pressure compensating drip emitter.
  • Clog resistant
  • 4mm barb.
  • Colour coded for easy identification.
  • Self Flushing.
  • Available in 10 pack.

The CETA 8LPH Dripper is Antelco's offering of a low flow Pressure compensating dripper Gaurenteeing an even flow rate across a wide range of inlet pressures (1 - 3.5 bar). This dripper makes planning your irrigation system quick and easy with its uniform water distribution, no need to worry about pipe length or elevation changes affecting your system. Also supporting a self flush feature to minimize blockages this dripper is a customer favorite.

Able to connect directly to feeder pipe or supply lines using its 4mm bard inlet this dripper is versatile and easy to install.

Available are various flow rates these drippers are easy to identify with color-coded bases to indicate flow rates. 2LPH Red, 4 LPH Black, 8LPH Green. Tough and sturdy the CETA Dripper is made from UV and chemical resistant material making it a great choice for domestic and commercial use./p>

This dripper aims to target the plant's route zone making it ideal for border plants, row crops, greenhouse grow bags, nurseries, and landscapes.