Tidy up your irrigation system with Tidy-Bow

Are you sick of seeing a mess of micro tubing from your irrigation system all around your patio or pergola?

Hide the mess with Antelco’s Tidy-Bow Clip On Elbow.

The Tidy Bow simply clicks onto the micro tubing redirecting it like an elbow with no need to cut the tube.

The Tidy-Bow neatly redirects tubing without kinking or restricting water flow. A mounting hole secures the Tidy-Bow and tubing to pergolas, fencelines and  fibre boards using a 2mm nail. (not included).

Suitable for use with 6mm and 7mm Outside Diameter LDPE and uPVC micro tubes, the Tidy-Bow is perfect for routing and securing tubes in home gardens, pot watering, overhead watering and misting systems.

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