HDPE Water Pipe - 25mm Black (Green Stripe)

HDPE Water Pipe - 25mm Black (Green Stripe)

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  • 25mm High-density polyethene
  • Suitable for below ground installation  
  • Use with non-potable water systems.

25mm High-density polyethene PE100 pipe. Suitable for use below ground. Use in conjunction with 25mm MDPE pipe fittings. Manufactured to BS EN 12201: 2003 Pts 1, 2 and 5.Black with a green stripe. This pipe can be used with non-potable water systems. Rainwater harvesting, irrigation systems and so on.

Product Details

  • 25mm Black HDPE pipe.
  • Green stripe (non-potable).
  • 12.5 Bar working pressure.
  • Available in Various roll lengths