Claber Compact-16 Super Metal Sprinkler - 8743

Claber Compact-16 Super Metal Sprinkler - 8743

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  • Shock-proof and weather resistant.
  • Works even at low pressures.
  • Self-lubricating gears.
  • Jets mimic the natural rain effect.

Oscillating sprinkler, ideal for extensive green spaces (up to 290 sq.m.) made in particularly shock-proof and waterproof ABS. The large turbine guarantees top irrigation performance using only the power of the water. You can choose from 5 different water settings for tailored, waste-free irrigation, thanks to the specific selector.

It has all the innovative features of the œCompact� version. The oscillating aluminum arm with 16 brass nozzles guarantees regular water jet operation. The large-sized sturdy ABS body houses the hydraulic motor which may be opened for inspection while the large-section aluminum elements (˜ 15 mm), which comprise the sled base, guarantee excellent stability and easy trailing. Irrigated area max 290 m².

Product Features

  • Inlet quick connection: Quick-Click System
  • Water flow: adjustable
  • Irrigation: oscillating
  • Maximum covered area: 290 m²
  • Maximum jet width (diameter): 19,9x14,6
  • Water flow: 25 l/min