Claber Colibri 180° Micro Sprinkler - 90220

Claber Colibri 180° Micro Sprinkler - 90220

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  • Shock-proof and weather resistant.
  • Adjustable jet range.
  • Easy to install.
  • With a washable filter.

The system that has introduced, even in small gardens, all of the great advantages of underground irrigation: convenience, water savings, the well-being of the lawn, and the plants. Ideal for DIY projects, it is installed with the utmost ease without digging. It works even at low water pressures and guarantees uniform irrigation over a 180° area. With jet range adjustment to water only wherever it is needed, without wasting water.

Underground micro-sprinkler with low water consumption. Ideal for watering vegetable patches and small gardens, even at low pressure. A gear-driven device made from acetal resin. External adjustment of range. Gentle rain effect over a 180° semi-circular area. Micro-sprinkler is connected to the 1/2� (13 - 16 mm) main hose by means of the 1/2� (15 - 21 mm) threaded 3-way connector or 1/2� (15 - 21 mm) threaded elbow.

Product Features

  • Inlet thread: ½"
  • Water flow: adjustable
  • Maximum covered area: 35 m²
  • Maximum jet width (diameter): r 4,7
  • Water flow: 3,4 l/min
  • Working angle: 180°
  • Height from ground: 2"