Antelco Landscape Sprays Antelco Winged Mist Jet, Black Cap/Yellow Base  - 14995

Antelco Winged Mist Jet, Black Cap/Yellow Base - 14995

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  • Maximum flow rate of 18 LPH
  • Maximum Spray radius 50cm.
  • Full-Circle mist pattern.

The Mister Micro Jet Spray is a full-circle pattern spray that applies a fine mist ideal for use with delicate plants. With a 50cm spray radius and 18 LPH flow rate this spray is perfect for use in greenhouses and baskets.

Designed with a 4mm quick thread allowing installation to micro spray jet stakes or fitted directly into LDPE irrigation pipe. Constructed from UV stable material to ensure the longevity of your system. Winged grips make installation quick and easy.

Available in various spray patterns to ensure even coverage across your beds, borders and planters.

Product Features

  • A maximum flow rate of 18 litres per hour.
  • Maximum spray radius of 50 cm.
  • Full-circle misting spray pattern.
  • Ideal for delicate plants and greenhouses.
  • Can be dismantled for cleaning.