Antelco Irrigation Fittings Antelco Snap-On Filter 19mm - 44425

Antelco Snap-On Filter 19mm - 44425

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  • Made from extremely strong UV stabilised material to ensure long life with no deformation
  • Up to 3 bar operating pressure
  • Minimal flow loss

The Snap-On Filter is easy to install on 19mm hose due to its barbed outlet while the inlet is a snap-on connection making connecting to any output with a male snap-on connector a breeze.

The screen filter effectively traps foreign particles in the water, reducing the risk of build-up and blockages in the emitters and is easily removed for cleaning purposes.

The snap-on connector is sometimes known as Hozelocks Quick Connect System and is interchangeable between many different manufacturers

Product Features

  • Female snap-on X 19mm barb
  • Tapered barbs for ease of fitting
  • Simple to dismantle for cleaning and descaling
  • For low pressure (up to 3 bar) micro irrigation systems