Antelco Landscape Drippers Antelco Midi Drip‚¬ž¢ Spike  4 L/H - 30195

Antelco Midi Drip Spike 4 L/H - 30195

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  • Fixed 4LPH drip emitter.
  • 4mm Barb inlet.
  • Easy disassembly for maintenance.
  • Targets plant root zone/base.
  • constructed from UV stable material.

The Antelco Midi Drip Barb is a simple rugged dripper designed to apply water directly to your plant's base. Capable of delivering a 4 LPH flow rate via its 4mm bard inlet and preinstalled onto a stake for easy positioning.Constructed out of tough UV stable plastic and capable of disassembly for maintenance making this dripper tough and long-lasting.

Perfect for watering shrubs, flowers, fruit trees, vines, and tomatoes.