Antelco Landscape Drippers Antelco Midi Drip‚¬ž¢ Barb 4 L/H - 30145

Antelco Midi Drip Barb 4 L/H - 30145

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  • Fixed 4LPH drip emitter.
  • 4mm Barb inlet.
  • Easy disassembly for maintenance.
  • Targets plant root zone/base.
  • constructed from UV stable material.

The Antelco Midi Drip Barb is a simple rugged dripper designed to apply water directly to your plant's base. Capable of delivering a 4 LPH flow rate and versatile with connections to micro supply pipe or direct to your main pipe via the 4mm bard inlet. Constructed out of tough UV stable plastic and capable of disassembly for maintenance making this dripper tough and long-lasting.

Perfect for watering shrubs, flowers, fruit trees, vines, and tomatoes.