Antelco Landscape Drippers Antelco Asta Drip PC Spike 4L/H Black - 30745

Antelco Asta Drip PC Spike 4L/H Black - 30745

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  • Pressure compensated to ensure 4LPH over varying pressures.
  • Built-in Asta style stake.
  • Built-in filter and self-flushing feature.
  • Colour coded for easy flow identification.
  • constructed of UV stable material.

The Asta 4LPH Dripper is pressure compensated to ensure 2LPH performance despite varying pressures offering uniformity in your drip system even over changes in elevation or long runs. Also featuring a filtered inlet and self-flushing outlet to ensure long life and constant performance.

Its unique Asta stake design ensures a sturdy platform to position the dripper at your plant's root zone and its 4mm barb connector makes connecting to your 4mm micro supply pipe quick and easy.

Colour coded to indicate the 3 available flow rates (2LPH-Red, 4LPH-Black-8LPH-Green) identification in your system is made easy.

Perfect for use in baskets, pots, and greenhouses It's tough UV stable material make this dripper built to last.